Treat Your Dog to a Spa Day

Nails 2 Tails
Dog Grooming Spa

There’s no age limit to a dog getting the best treatment for their health and happiness. At Nails 2 Tails Dog Grooming Spa in Hobbsville, NC, we ensure the perfect care of all dogs with wonderful grooming services. You can’t go wrong when you bring your dog to us; we’ll show them nothing but relaxation and love. 

Dog Grooming in Hobbsville, NC


Keeping a regular grooming schedule for your dog is an important way to maintain their looks and, more importantly, their health.

pet grooming services
pet grooming services
pet grooming services

Our Services 

  • Dog Grooming
  • baths
  • nail trimming & Polishing
  • fur dye
  • senior & puppy care


Nails 2 Tails provides several breed specific cuts and puppy cuts. Our Grooms are based on your desires and expectations, they include haircuts, ears clean, nails trimmed, baths, anal glands were applicable, dry and fragrance.

Full grooming services begin at $45 and vary based on size and breed.


Our bathing services include everything that comes with a a groom, except the haircut. We have several special shampoos available to take care of any problems your pet may be experiencing, or you can bring a prescribed shampoo from your doctor.

Bathing starts at $30 and varies based on size and breed.

 Nail Trimming

Nails 2 Tails provides nail trims on all breads, sizes and temperaments including dogs that do not like it. We do this to reduce arthritis and hip dysplasia in our furry friends.

Nail Trimming starts at $10.

 Full Service for All Dogs

Our Full Service is available for all size dogs and breeds which Includes: 

    • Full Groom
    • Baths
    • Nails & ears Cleaning
    • Anal Glands
    • Haircuts (If Necessary)

    Service available for puppies, senior and difficult dogs.

    Care for All Dogs

    Different age groups in dogs call for different care. At Nails 2 Tails Dog Grooming Spa, we offer puppy care, as well as care for senior dogs. We’re fully equipped and trained to give your dog the specific care they need. No matter what your friend needs to be cared for properly, we have loving staff ready to provide it. 

    Give Us a Call

    Call Nails 2 Tails Dog Grooming Spa today to get your dog properly cared for. We offer excellent grooming services and will provide great care to your dog no matter what. Dogs are our passion, and we can’t wait to serve you by giving your dog our very best. Call us today to learn more about our wonderful services. 

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